I help determined men to overcome breakup and reclaim their best version in 90 days.


I can help you to...

1:1 Coaching
  • Analyze your unique Situation
  • Get control back over your mind
  • Create self-reflection and self-awareness
  • Set yourself free from emotional baggage
  • Break your relationship patterns
  • Understand and process your emotions
  • Create new positive habits
  • Create inner balance
Self Development
  • Accept yourself exactly like you are
  • Maybe even fall in love with yourself
  • Learn to be happy alone
  • Attract your ideal partner

Results I have helped to create:

Hear out what my clients say about me.

"Johannes really helped me to get over the guilt I’ve sat with. Every session I could feel that I am now feeling stronger where before I was still struggling even though it was 6 months ago that it happened. But literally, I could feel that now I have energy again to go exercise and ride my mountain bike. My performance at work improved massively and the most important is that I have learned to do things for myself that are only for me because I am a person that not really does a lot for his self, you know very giving. He taught me to give love, time and attention to myself and that really helped me daily to get better"



"Before I have meet Johannes, I have suffered 8 months from my breakup. I couldn’t focus on anything, and my mind has been completely out of control I felt so much anger and resentment and my performance has been on the lowest point. Together with a lot of other great strategies and techniques that I have learned he helped me to forgive her and mostly myself which really set me free. Forgiveness is so powerful! Or like Johannes likes to say: “Forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself"



"From the start of communicating, I felt his sincere care, ambition and passion to help which is all achieved through real professionalism while being fun and flexible. He has a real great ability to let people open up and talk about all the things men don’t talk to each other, all while listening attentively which allows him to ask the right questions at the right time. This helped me to create my own insights. I am utterly grateful that I have meet Johannes. He has helped me to create the best version of myself and I am loving life now like never before. I even attracted a wonderful new girlfriend, and we are crazy in love."


Business Coach

— About Me

Are you suffering from a breakup? You can’t stop thinking about her, completely lost control over your mind and have no idea what to do…?

How could you…? Did your parents teach you…? Did you learn about it in school…?

No… let’s be honest you have no idea how to deal with this cocktail of emotions

Especially we men have no clue how to handle this situation.

That’s why Science says we suffer even longer from breakup than women do… We speak here from PRG = Post Relationship Grief sometimes years after the relationship has ended…

But what if there would be a strategy… what if you would know all the steps that you need to recover faster… a Fastlane to recovery💪

That’s where I come in the game. After my breakup post 5 years in the end of 2018, I felt like you now… maybe even worst... and I was looking for anything that could help me to feel better…

Fast I realized that there is nothing out there that is suitable for us men which triggered me to dive deep into science and I collected over 2,5 years everything that I could find that helps us men to recover faster. I decided to really go professional and became a certified life coach. From all my research and learnings I have created my 90 days program which helped already dozens of men to recover on the Fastlane and I am sure it will also help you!

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

First of all, we men are very logical beings. We like to understand things. That’s why I have created a course that is one part of my program where you will learn all the science about why you feel like you feel after a breakup? What is happening inside your body? How can you really close the door and let go? How can you get control back over your mind? What are easy steps that help you massively to move on faster?

How to fill your cup because everything starts from within. How to let your cup flow over and vibrate on such a high level that when you are ready you will automatically attract your ideal partner.

This in combination with weekly sessions with me personally where you will learn how to:
• Understand and process your emotions
• Forgive her and mostly yourself
• Break all your old relationship patterns
• Set yourself free from any past emotional baggage
• Accept yourself exactly like you are
• Live happy and fulfilled relationships 

Ready to start?

Let’s do this! Prioritize yourself. You deserve a wonderful life!

All queries are replied within 24hrs.


Make a decision

Only you are responsible for your decisions. Ask yourself: “Am I ready for a change? “
If so… ACT because only when you ACT, you will reach your goals.


Schedule a meeting

Don’t wait… book your meeting NOW and save your space. Your future self will thank you.


Show Commitment

As your Coach I can hold your hand and open the door for you, but you have to step through it on your own. That means I need your commitment. WE need to work as a team.


Transformation Completed

BOOM! Awesome Man you have worked through all your past emotional baggage, broke all your old relationship patterns and you are NOW ready to attract your ideal partner into your life!

7 modules, 36 Lessons inclusive more than 50 studies will help you to get over your breakup on the Fastlane. Until today we have helped more than 3500 men with our course and today, I’ll give you the big chance to watch the first 2 lessons for free.


1st lesson

Love is an addiction- where you will learn everything about why you feel like you feel and how to handle it.

2nd lesson

Chasing the dream of the beautiful times- where you will learn why your mind is not your friend after a breakup and what you can do to get the control back.

If you are inspired afterwards and you want to learn more

how to get over your breakup on the Fastlane

Then make a decision and book your discovery session with me NOW!

One more thing what you can do as well right now is
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